Partnerships & Contract Services

CultureMediaConcepts® will work diligently together with your team to take your project from idea to market.

From the selection of the appropriate container to the details of Quality Control testing, we will be there with you and for you to ensure that your product is manufactured as-designed from prototype to full-scale production.

CultureMediaConcepts® product capabilities and manufacturing processes include controlled environments for both dry and liquid-filled applications.  Quality Systems are in place, to deliver the highest quality in our manufacturing process.  Our process techniques include:

  • Aseptic liquid dose filling
  • Non-sterile filling
  • Pre-weighed dry powder dose filling

Containers that we utilize for filling can range from sterile liquid containers to soluble film pouches for dehydrated product.  Aseptically filled products are manufactured in our certified clean room. These, and our SampleReady® soluble pouches, are gamma irradiated to ensure that your product consistently achieves our high quality assurance standards. Non-sterile filling processes are terminally sterilized on site.